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Our group came together in 2015, through a series of projects that we coordinated through La Peña Cultural Center. Our first project was a mural and exhibition for an event commemorating the 42nd anniversary of the military coup in Chile. After completing this project we decided to continue working together under the name Los Pobres Artistas. We are a group of Chilean muralists living and working in the Bay Area. Our work is revolutionary and community oriented. We strive to break down boarders and unite people and communities through our art. Our murals draw upon collective memory and aim to find a balance between our ancestry and respect for our surrounding community.

Cristian Muñoz

Cristian Muñoz‘s artistic career started as a teenager during the dictatorship in Chile. He supported the student movement and the political resistance struggle, working in Ramona Parra’s muralist brigade and founding Brigada Renacer. His political murals are now part of several compilations on mural art in Chile and are part of private collections in Milwaukee and Chicago. Since his arrival in the United States in 2007, he has participated in several collective exhibits in Milwaukee, Chicago, Berkeley, Oakland and San Francisco. He was also part of the two artist show Memories of the Forgotten in Milwaukee and Woven in Chicago, which is now being shown at the Mission Cultural Center for the Latino Arts (May, 2016) in San Francisco.

Sarah Siskin

Sarah Siskin is a Bay Area mural artist and educator. She is a resident muralist with La Peña Cultural Center and an artist with the community based mural arts organization Precita Eyes Muralists. She has worked on many mural projects both collaboratively and individually in San Francisco, Berkeley, Daly City, Brooklyn, Chile, Argentina, Nicaragua and El Salvador and has participated as an artist in mural festivals in Argentina and Chile. She graduated with a BA from Sarah Lawrence College where she studied human geography and visual arts. In February 2016, she co- founded and hosted a mural festival in a rural agricultural town in the 6th region of Chile, Festival Encuentra El Uyuuuiii. Sarah is currently the head coordinator for the Bay Area Mural Festival, which she is developing along with the other La Peña resident muralists.

Pancho Pescador

Peskador is a self-taught artist born and raised in Chile. He has participated in various group shows both nationally and internationally. He currently lives in Oakland, CA where he creates, as he calls it, “visual guerrillas” expressed in mediums such as paintings, drawings, prints, collages, murals and mixed media. He is one of the founders of Community Rejuvenation Project (CRP Bay Area), a pavement to policy organization that cultivates healthy communities through public art, beautification, education & celebration.

Stephanie Hooper

Hooper is a self- taught artist from Chile. She began painting when she was 14 and became active in her schools art department. Hooper was originally an oil painter and began doing murals in 2009. Since then she has participated in exhibitions and worked with kids on community murals in Chile. She fell in love with the idea of public and accessible art. Her art focuses on honoring nature and supporting social fights.

Fred Alvarado

Fred Alvarado is an artist working and living in the Bay Area. His work centers around community building, collaboration, and social justice. Past projects have included mural paintings, comic books, videos, and installations. Alvarado’s latest project “Future Relations: A Resource for Radical Teaching” (2017) is a booklet made up of lesson plans, writings, images, and other contributions from artist working in the fields of social justice, activism, and education.


Sidemuestro was born in Curico, Chile. He became interested in street-art when he was young and started painting when he was 15 years old, learning from friends and using any materials he could obtain. In 2007 he moved to Concepción, Chile to study Graphic Design. It was there that he took art classes and was exposed to the great masters of Latin American and Chilean muralism. During his years in Concepcion he met many others art- ists and felt inspired to experiment with new styles and techniques of painting. Sidem- uestro has traveled extensively through South America and has been inspired by indige- nous communities of those places. He has been especially inspired by their love and re- spect for nature, the environment, animals, and how many were able to preserve their pre-columbian culture. With these experiences, he developed a style full of organic shapes that often include jungles from other planets, aboriginal tribes, new civilizations, and psychedelic topics.





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