Future Relations

Sidemuestro was born in Curico, Chile. He became interested in street-art when he was young and started painting when he was 15 years old, learning from friends and using any materials he could obtain. In 2007 he moved to ConcepciĆ³n, Chile to study Graphic Design. It was there that he took art classes and was exposed to the great masters of Latin American and Chilean muralism. During his years in Concepcion he met many others art- ists and felt inspired to experiment with new styles and techniques of painting. Sidemuestro has traveled extensively through South America and has been inspired by indigenous communities of those places. He has been especially inspired by their love and respect for nature, the environment, animals, and how many were able to preserve their pre-columbian culture. With these experiences, he developed a style full of organic shapes that often include jungles from other planets, aboriginal tribes, new civilizations, and psychedelic topics.





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Future Relations