Sarah Siskin

Sarah Siskin is a Bay Area mural artist and educator. She is a resident muralist with La Peña Cultural Center and an artist with the community based mural arts organization Precita Eyes Muralists. She has worked on many mural projects both collaboratively and individually in San Francisco, Berkeley, Daly City, Brooklyn, Chile, Argentina, Nicaragua and El Salvador and has participated as an artist in mural festivals in Argentina and Chile. She graduated with a BA from Sarah Lawrence College where she studied human geography and visual arts. In February 2016, she co- founded and hosted a mural festival in a rural agricultural town in the 6th region of Chile, Festival Encuentra El Uyuuuiii. Sarah is currently the head coordinator for the Bay Area Mural Festival, which she is developing along with the other La Peña resident muralists.





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/ Cristian Munoz

/ Sarah Siskin

/ Pancho pescador

/ Stephanie Hooper

/ Fred Alvarado

/ Sidemuestro


The Encounter

Lowell and Grace

The Resistance


The Camp

No Human is Illegal


Bay Area Mural Festival

The Time is Now

Future Relations